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Who We Are

We are a family of 5. An average, American family. Dad, Mom, three crazy, wild, amazing  sons. We live in on an average sized city lot in an average sized town in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Anyone who's had a son, or two, knows that even at a very young age, they eat. Our three out eat us on a daily basis.  About the time the first son arrived, we thought as many parents have, "Wouldn't it be nice to grow some of our own food?" Of course we started where everyone does, with a tomato plant in a pot. A year later we bought our house, on a 100' by 60' lot. 

As the boys have multiplied and grown, so have the veggie patches and new endeavors to feed and provide for them. Seventeen years of mini urban farming have taught us many things, and now we have our own fresh eggs everyday, year round veggies, that are local and organic, pesticide free fruits, and three of the healthiest boys we know. 

Homegrown beets and the happy healthy boy who eats them
Beans are fun for play and good for dinner.
Our youngest with an armful of beets.                In our bean teepee a few years ago.
Garden in early summer
The larger veggie patch( though it's bigger now) and the corner of the greenhouse.
Late spring growing.
The smaller of our two dedicated veggie patches.

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